Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fantastic journey

As much as we have loved visiting Auntie and Uncle, Mum says it's time for us to embark on our journey again. I write this with some sadness, but also some excitement, truth be told. Uncle says adventure waits for us, but he doesn't say it too close to Auntie because she's so sad at our going. Mum says someday I'll feel that way about my sister, too, and I think perhaps I might. But some days she's just so pesty.

Like today. She laughed at me at breakfast when I told her about the lovely dream I had last night. She told me I was a silly--that no one can travel to the moon. But I did in my dream. We've been reading about creation and I've been imaging how God created the heavens and the earth. Well, the moon is in the heavens and it prompted my heavenly dream (isn't that clever--Uncle calls them puns).

As my eyes closed my curtains drew back and the window opened. I got back up out of bed and was caught up in the breeze. Some birds flew along with me for a while until I got too high, but then the moon's light tickled me and an angel came to carry me even higher. Her face was so golden and her laughter like the crystal waters of the stream running through the back of Auntie's garden. She gave me a blue, blue butterfly. Blue like the waters of Moraine Lake; it's to go with me wherever I go. And we went right to the moon, all golden. I didn't want to leave, but she said that someday I can come back to the heavens, when it's time. All I have to do is have the faith of a child and humble myself to our Lord. She told me to read Matthew 18 and I'll understand. She also told me to remember that He made all the earth and that our adventures here are just beginning. As she brought me back through the window and placed me back in my bed, she whispered that He will be with us wherever we go. I felt so peaceful when I woke up.

I still felt so golden and when I came down for breakfast I just had to share, but then Emma laughed and spoiled it all. The rest didn't laugh, though. Auntie said she's seen those blue butterflies and that's why I dreamed about them--that I probably have seen them without knowing it in her garden. Mum said the angel is very wise and I need to remember her words, and that we'll read about it tonight. Uncle said that Emma hadn't room to call anyone silly because she still believes in monsters in the lake. Auntie scowled at him and told him to behave.

But now Mum is calling. We still have a few more days before we have to leave. Soon we will be travelling in the train again, to the coast of the mighty Pacific, and on to Japan!

Canada So-Journer

Sojourn, according to my Auntie's dictionary is to stay temporarily in a place. So I think that makes us Canada sojourners! We've had ever so grand a time--I can hardly imagine it will get any better, but Uncle says we've not even started yet! But we have--oooh we have!

The train ran along the Rocky Mountains, which were so immense. But when we finally got to Banff, it is almost beyond words to tell you how lovely it is--truly a playground of God's own making. We've had plenty of time to explore, as we've stayed here almost a whole month. Uncle has taken us to see some of the most beautiful places: we spent one day picnicking on the Bow River near the falls; we climbed Mt. Rundle (we went ever so high, but Uncle says we had hardly left the ground--it was so tiring); and we've spent several days at the hot springs. Those were Mum's favorites. But she loved the visit to Lake Louise. We paddled a canoe all the way to the glacier at the end! Emma had a hard time not being frightened, but I kept telling her not to worry. There aren't any monsters in the lake. Uncle says there aren't any in the waters here--we have to go to Scotland to see that. But you know how six year-olds are. They will go on believing in monsters in every shadow...

I do believe that Edward will be so disappointed, though, when he gets our letters. He had to stay home to learn business with Papa, but he'll be distraught (a new word I learned; it means: agitated with doubt or mental conflict or pain, but I like the second meaning even better: mentally deranged, or crazed--that's what Edward will be, I'm sure) when he sees that I got to try on an outfit when we visited Uncle's work at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police! They even took a picture for me to keep! Emma didn't want to try it. She thought it smelled too much like a horse. Well, what would one expect--they do ride horses, of course!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

We're starting out!

Oh finally, we're ready to go! Mum is waiting, and I'm ready to step through the door for our magical adventure! Now I feel nervous, but Dad says we must have faith and trust in our Lord, who will guide us safely. Mum reminds me to say Joshua 1:9, so I will. "Be strong and courageous! Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged. For the Lord our God is with us wherever we go." Now I feel better, so here I go!

Here I Go!

I'm so excited for this trip! We've been packing for weeks--well maybe not packing, but getting ready. Mum has been planning and planning and planning. Every time she has something decided, she changes her mind again: should we depart from Victoria or should we depart from Vancouver? Should we land in Japan, or go straight to China? Are we going to the Dodge Mahhal (or whatever it is she calls that place--I never quite get it right... but Mum says it's beautiful!), or not? She keeps changing her mind. Daddy doesn't really help because he keeps suggesting new adventures! Oh, but wherever we go, 'twill be so exciting! And when we finally catch up with Miss Belle, it will be the best! We haven't seen her in so long. The waiting is almost unbearable, so I've been exploring the garden, saying good-bye to all the secret spots until we come back, which Mum says might even be as far away as a year! Oh, I'm so excited for this trip! --L

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